Saturday, June 25, 2011

Shane Dawson strikes out with Rebecca Black

YouTube sensation Shane Dawson has apparently been turned down by Rebecca Black, not for a date, but for a cameo appearance in one of his videos.

Earlier today Dawson tweeted:
ugh. turned town a cameo in my video. why cant i be as cool as katy perry??
LOL Shane, Rebecca Black is 14 years old! You're the 22-year-old creator of some very funny but extremely off-color videos. It's easy to imagine Rebecca's parents objecting to the ribald humor in your videos and nixing her appearance.

And as much as I love you, Shane, Rebecca's got the upper hand over you:

As the chart above shows, even with all the time that has passed since she was briefly Queen of the Internet, she's still trouncing you as the target of Google searches.

Did you offer her any compensation? Who knows what she was paid by Katy Perry for Last Friday Night and by Funny or Die, but they likely weren't free appearances. Notice where she's credited in the list of people for Last Friday Night:
...Katy Perry's "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)" featuring Rebecca Black, Darren Criss, Kevin McHale, Hanson, Kenny G, Debbie Gibson and Corey Feldman!
Shane, I know you've worked hard for years to make a success of yourself on YouTube, but I'm sorry to have to say: She's out of your league, dude.

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