Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Khloe Kardashian's epic blog fail

You'd think that when Khloe Kardashian gets wowed by Brendan MacFarlane's singing ability, she could at least provide a link that benefits him, such as a correct link to Brendan MacFarlane's channel on YouTube.

But in a great example of why Khloe isn't famous for her brains, instead of a genuine video from Brendan MacFarlane she was duped into embedding a bootleg video of Brendan on a channel from YouTube's seedy underworld called BoyloveUnited. The channel seems to be run by a German "chicken hawk." According to the Urban Dictionary, a "chicken hawk" is
A Gay term for an older man that constantly chases after younger men typically in their 20's.
Note that in May 2009, Brendan MacFarlane was 11 years old.

Now for the details. First, Khloe's Tweet:

Can you believe how amazing this kid is?!

The short URL leads to Khloe's blog entry at the URL which embeds a YouTube video:

Screenshot of Khloe's blog with embedded video, click for full size

Since I never watch an embedded video, but always click through to "Watch on YouTube," I ended up at for the YouTube page for the video:

YouTube page for the bootlegged video, click for full size

Notice that there are some videos from the BMacFarlaneMusic channel in the sidebar, so why publicize this bootleg video ripped off by the BoyloveUnited pervert?

The page for the BoyloveUnited channel looks like this:

The page for the BoyloveUnited channel, click for full size

According to Google, "Hetzjagd auf Sexualstraftäter" translates to "Drive against sex offenders." Between that, the BoyloveUnited channel name, and the several "Chicken Hawk Men Who Love Boys" and other videos that have been uploaded, it seems like whoever is running the channel is a pretty sick person. Khloe Kardashian linked to some pedophile's YouTube channel.

Nice going, Khloe!

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